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Walter and Herbert opens new store in London

I’ve fallen in Love with Walter and Herbert‘s Eyewear


Walter and Herbert brand is very special to me.  I wear glasses all the time, so choosing the correct eyewear is very important.  I suppose it’s like buying a new outfit, it has to work with my personality and who I am.  I usually change my glasses every couple of years.  Since last year, I’d been looking for a particular shape and style. When I heard about Walter & Herbert, I immediately rushed to their new London branch and found the exact pair of glasses I was looking for….Phew!  I’m really pleased with this product.

The Staff

The staff, Julia, Luka, Saba and Fatma were great!  They’re professional in their approach, helpful and friendly.  Always willing to assist when choosing the correct pair of glasses. They told me about the interesting history of Walter and Herbert.  I found this intriguing.


Julia (left) and Saba (right)

A little bit of The History

In September 1946, two young entrepreneurs partnered to create Optoplast Manufacturing Company Limited. In the 40 years that followed, Walter Conway and Herbert Thorn enjoyed great success as they developed technology such as the PIMO machine, an innovation that would shape the way spectacles were manufactured worldwide.

Today, James Conway and Daniel Thorn are continuing this legacy. Using seven decades of industry experience, they have created their own collection of frames using materials and techniques that would make Walter and Herbert proud.  (taken from Walter and Herbert website)

To read more about the history visit Walter and Herbert timeline


The Shop Interior

When I first entered the shop,  I fell in love with it straightaway.  The interior is simple, but cool and stylish at the same time.  It features vintage style bespoke furniture. I particularly like the table designs with WH legs, and the art deco mirror with WH branding.  The interior is very British featuring bowler hats lighting against the walls. Remember the bowler hats wallpaper I designed?.

Walter and Herbert glasses are made in England, this is a BIG PLUS and makes it even more personal to me.  I totally support products made in England.













Me (Annette Taylor-Anderson) with new glasses…I love them!

If you are looking for traditional and stylish glasses, I highly recommend Walter and Herbert eyewear.

I’m very happy with my glasses, so thanks to the staff for all your help and assistance.  Oh! and the little badge you gave me…cool!

Address:  Walter and Herbert, 13 Monmouth Street, London WC2H 9DA

Tel:  020 7240 7804