Our visit to the vintage car boot sale at London’s  Southbank was truly amazing.  We’ll certainly visit this event again next year

Classic Cadillac Car

Vintage presents The Classic Car Boot Sale at London’s Southbank Centre Riverfront

Vintage presents The Classic Car Boot Sale at the Southbank Centre Riverfront, a fantastic venue to step back in time.

What a beautiful Saturday afternoon it was last weekend.  Just perfect for the The Classic Car Boot Sale’s two-day event (15th-16th March) at London’s Southbank Centre riverfront. Curated by the team behind the Vintage Festivals.

The “Vintage” concept was founded by Wayne and Geraldine Hemingway working in tandem with the Hemingway design team in 2007 and has grown from strength to strength with its festivals celebrating British creative culture from the 1920s to 1980s through fashion, music, art, design, film and food.

I wanted to visit The Classic Car Boot Sale last year and missed it. So I was thrilled to get the opportunity to go this year.  It was jam packed with a glorious array of clothing, hats, jewellery, homewares, furniture, music, toys, suitcases, old petrol pumps, motorbikes, scooters and cars from the best of years gone by.  Oh…the cars…don’t get me started the cars, they were DREAMY.  There was so much to see, buy and get inspired by at this event, and there were moments when it felt like I’d taken a step back in time.   Especially with a fair few of the people there dressed up to the nines in 1940s gear.  Can’t wait for the next one.

I managed to pick up a couple of business cards from some of my favourites:


See also:


Here are some pictures just in case you missed it.  There’s certainly a trend going on!

Vintage Classic Car Boot Sale Sign

Classic Chevrolet Car

Vintage 1870 Clock

Classic Riley Car

Gramophone Record Player

Classic Chevrolet Car

Classic Chevrolet Car with badges

Classic Toys

Ginger Beer Jugs

Vintage Dressing-up Shop

Vintage Dressing-up Shop

Triumph car with dress on bonnet

Classic Mercury Car

Old Painting

Old Motorbike

Vintage Suitcases

Vintage Suitcase

Lady selling vintage suitcases

Classic Cadillac Car

Classic Pink Cadillac Car

Classic Pink Cadillac Car

Classic Motorbikes

Vintage Mickey Mouse toy

Stall Holder

Stiped lampshade and stand

Old barber's chair

Old Nipper comics

Vintage Items

Vintage Esso petrol pump and old bike

Old Milk Bottles


Vintage Science Kit

The Humber Car

Love is my religion signage

The Bar of Hope and Sorrow signage


Beacon Industrial Electric signage

Air Pump

Old kettle

The Crowd

Classic Austin Car

Classic Chevrolet Car

Hot Dogs Engine food stand