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Brilliant time at Urban Village Fete 2018

All week, including Saturday I have been working hard on project deadlines.  I was also supposed to work on Sunday, but you know what?  I gave myself a day off, and went instead to the Urban Village Fete at North Greenwich, Greenwich Peninsula. For the past couple of years I’ve attended the event and I love it.  I’m so glad I went, how could I even think of missing it?

About Urban Village Fete was Rockin’!

Urban Village Fete

The Urban Village Fete curated by Wayne Hemmingway of Hemmingway Design is an event for everyone, all ages, including families with children.  This is a free one day music and arts event featuring pop-ups, designer markets, street food, interesting interviews led by BBC Radio London’s Robert Elms and much more.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous with nice blue skies, it was perfect! and the music was outstanding.  For music lovers, Gilles Peterson headlined the main stage, with Touching Base, Jazz re:Freshed, William LV and more DJing throughout the day. This year’s event area was bigger, so there was even more space to chill out and have fun.

Who are they?

There’s a small senior group I always look out for whenever I’m at the fete.  They’re dressed in 1960s clothes, wearing sunglasses and they are always dancing by the main stage looking really cool…I love them, they really make me smile.  I look forward to seeing them, and they were certainly there this year…who are they?

Getting Arty

Urban Village Fete Graffiti

I even got my hands dirty and joined the Secret 7″ workshop led by Dutch artist Jordy van den Nieuwendijk.  I sat on a very long table full of kids of all ages with their parents. There were paintbrushes, paints of all colours, crayons, and pencils, everywhere, it was great!  This was a real working art table.  We painted/drew designs on 7″ album covers for the Secret 7″ competition.

Annette Taylor-Anderson at Urban Village Fete been selected for secret 7

Secret 7″ takes 7 tracks from the best-known muscians around and presses each one 100 times to vinyl.  They then invite creatives from around the world to interpret the tracks in their own style for every 7″. 700 sleeves are exhibited and then sold for £50.00 a piece.  You don’t know who created the sleeve, or even which song its for until you have parted with the cash – the secret lies within. (by Secret 7″)

I love kids paintings, they’re loose, free flowing and innocent.   There’s some amazing designs, very impressive.  My Favourite is an abstract piece by I think a 12 year old….Brilliant! but I can’t reveal the image or who it is, as it’s a secret…Shhh!.  I even submitted a design myself, just for fun. Sorry, can’t show you that either…Shhh!.  But, what I can tell you, hot off the press…is that my design has just been selected.  This is great news, I wasn’t expecting this at all.  Joining in with the kids and sharing was awesome.  There were lots of smiley faces, I even transformed into a kid myself.

There were lots of other drawing/painting activities, including Grafitti art.

Annette Taylor-Anderson at Urban Village Fete

Urban Village Fete 2018

Urban Village Fete 2018

Urban Village Fete 2018

The evening finished off with a super cool DJ set from the amazing Gilles Peterson … what an afternoon! and I still haven’t told you everything, there was plenty more to see and do.

If you missed The Urban Village Fete 2018, you missed out BIG TIME.  Go get your diary and plan it for next year…I guarantee, you’ll love it.

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