Stoney Lace wallpaper from Stone Wallpaper Collection by ATADesigns

Stone Wallpaper Collection new launch at the Independent Hotel Show, Olympia 18-19 Oct 2016

“Stone Me” A New Range of Stone Wallpaper Designs by ATADesigns

I think most of you know my work by now and if you don’t, welcome. My work is usually bold and colourful. So you may be a little surprised by our new stone wallpaper collection called “Stone Me”.

“Stone Me” is inspired by the patterns seen on surfaces around London. I was amazed at the variety of interesting and sometimes intricate designs found on walls of pubs, banks, shops and parts of historic London monuments. I must admit that some of the designs I wanted to capture, proved a little difficult to photograph, due to their location.

“Stone Me” consists of six new pattern designs in repeat, with their variations using a basic colour-pallet of natural stone such as white, grey, and ochre.

  • “Stone Poppy” features ochre tones, and emblematic overlaid seamless repeat.
  • “Lacey” floral elements with a fractal twist in their curvilinear make-up evoke the delicate fragility of lace.
  • “Fans of Stone” a spray of leafy exuberance.
  • “Stone Leaves” a field of classical thistles.
  • “Floral Stone” gently flowing fronds suggesting a soft memory of life.
  • “Stoney Lace” a geometric textured leafy latticework of serried bulbs.



“Stone Poppy” Wallpaper


“Fans of Stone” Wallpaper


“Stone Leaves” Wallpaper


“Lacey” Wallpaper


“Floral Stone” Wallpaper


“Stoney Lace” Wallpaper

With this collection I’ve tried to convey the strength. Not just of the material itself, but as expressed in the confident simplicity of the design elements employed.

This collection will grow, organically as the seeds of inspiration find a foundation in our minds.


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