Our Stockists

Here is a list of our stockists. If you are an Interior Designer, Architect, Shop, Agent or Distributor etc., and you are interested in stocking our products, or for our wall coverings you would like to keep our wallpaper book in your showroom or office to show your customers, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Orlean (representing our wall coverings, fabrics and wall tiles)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tel:  +55 (21) 2111-5600

Web:  www.orlean.com.br

Agent:  Patricia Ribeiro

Email:  patricia.ribeiro@ymail.com

Tel:  +55 (41) 99 373700



TapetenAgentur (representing our wall coverings)

C.Malz & M.Konig GbR

Jakobstrasse 66, 50678 Koln, Germany

Email:  info@tapetenagentur.de

Web:   www.tapetenagentur.de


Heartelier (online-shop)

(representing our art prints and murals)

Web:  www.hearteliershop.com



Interiors & More(representing our wall coverings and lampshades)

22 route de la tournett, 74 290 VEYRIER DU LAC, France.

Tel:  +33 (06) 61 75 80 10

Web:  www. int-more.com



Life in Colors Designs and Décor pvt ltd,

506, Vipul Trade Centre   Sohna Road,   Gurgaon,  India

Tel: +919818900484

Email:   apurva.sharma2011@gmail.com



WALPA (representing a selection of our wall coverings)

Nishi Ku Minami Horie 4-30-21

550-0015 Osaka, OSAKA, JAPAN

Tel:  (81) 6-4390-7272

Web:  www.walpa.jp

Web:  www.walpa.net


New Zealand

Paper Room Ltd (representing a selection of our  wall coverings)

PO Box 147-093, Ponsonby, Auckland 1144, New Zealand

Web:  www.paperroom.co.nz



Udekorujdom pl  (representing a selection of our wall coverings)

ul. Zamkowa 59b, Pasaz handlowy, 95-200 Pabianice, Poland

Web:  www.udekorujdom.pl


Comforti (representing a selection of our wall coverings)

ul.Grota Roweckiego 11/5, 95-200 Pabianice, Poland

Web:  www.comforti.pl

Web:  http://www.comforti.pl/oferta/ata-design



Hurter Tapeten AG (representing a selection of our wall coverings)

Pflanzschulstrasse 17, Postfach 87, CH-8411 Winterthur, Switzerland

Tel:  +41 52 232 99 89

Email:  info@hurtertapeten.ch





Adrienne Chinn Design

(representing collaboration project for Urban London Project wallpapers and murals)

Tel:  +44 (020) 8516 7783 (UK)

Email:  adrienne@adriennechinn.co.uk

Web:  www.adriennechinn.co.uk


ATADesigns (online shop)

(representing a range of products including wall coverings, murals, accessories and tableware)

Tel:   +44 (0)7939 105661

Web:  www.atadesigns.com


British Brands Online (online-shop)

(representing our murals, accessories, and tableware)

Web:  www.britishbrandsonline.com


Beut Ltd (online-shop)

(representing a selection of our wallpapers and murals)

Web:  www.beut.co.uk


Click British (luxury online-store representing a selection of our wall coverings and muals, )

Web:  www.clickbritish.com


Clippings (online Shop)

(representing a selection of our wallpapers murals and accessories)


Creatively Different Designer Blinds

(representing a selection of our wallpapers and murals designs for blinds)


Davies Wallpapers (online-shop)

(representing a selection of our wallpapers and murals)

Web:  www.davieswallpapers.com


The Design Hub

(representing a selection of our wallpapers and murals in their showroom)

Web:  www.thedesignhubs.com


Domestic Science

(representing a selection of our wallpapers in their showroom)

Tel:  01453 833123

Web:  www.domscihome.wordpress.com


Forrest & Jones (representing our London themed murals collection on contract wallpaper)

Tel:  0845 370 0134

Web:  www.forrestandjones.com


Forbidden Planet (representing our Art Passes in association with Matt JOnes of Lunartik)

179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR

If you are interested in stocking our art passes (Oyster Travel Card Holder), and  any other designs from the Lunartik and Chums  Art Pass Series Two please contact:

Matt JOnes at Lunartik

Email:  matt@lunartik.com

Web:  www.lunartik.com


Redcliffe (online-shop)

(Representing our art prints)

Web:  www.redcliffe.co.uk


Wall-Library (online shop) (representing some of our wallpapers, also from the “All Things British” range)

Leics, UK

Web:  www.wall-library.com


Wallpaperking (online shop) (representing All Things British wallpapers and mural collection and also Urban London collaboration project by Adrienne Chinn and ATADesigns)

Ireland, England

Web:   www.wallpaperking.co.uk



Colonial Wallcoverings (representing our wallpapers)

707 E. Passyunk Ave,  Philadelphia, PA 19147,  USA

Tel:  001 215 687 6457

Email:  info@colonialwallcoverings.com



Adrienne Chinn Design

Tel:  +44 (020) 8516 7783 (UK)

Email:  adrienne@adriennechinn.co.uk

Web:  www.adriennechinn.co.uk


Elisa Interiors

25 South Drive, Harrogate HG2 8AT

Tel:  + 44 (0) 7525 003516

Email:  enquires@elisainteriors.com

Web:  www.elisainteriors.com



Material ConneXion (representing our Wall Tiles)

New York, Milan, Cologne, Bankok, Daegu

Web:  www.materialconnexion.com



London, UK

Tel:  +44 (0) 20 7357 7574

Email:  info@scin.co.uk

Web:  www.scin.co.uk