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We love Steak of the Art Restaurant

Steak of the Art restaurant, inspired by art.

In April, I spent some time in Bristol for a few days exhibiting at DesignPopUp.  It was my first time in Bristol.  Its a fantastic place to visit, and very easy to travel to from London.

I discovered a really cool restaurant called “Steak of the Art“.  From outside the restaurant, I was drawn in to what looked like an art exhibition/gallery, curated by Hannah-Jayne Smith (Art and Events Co-ordinator).  As a fellow artist/wallpaper designer myself, I was curious to see what was going on inside.

A very helpful staff member who told me a little bit about the restaurant greeted me.  The decor is absolutely stunning and it hosts an ever-changing gallery of art.  I’d spent some time talking to the manager, looking around and taking pictures.  The next day, I returned to the restaurant, took more pictures and tried the food, which was very tasty by the way.  With friendly staff, a buzzing atmosphere. I enjoyed the relaxed ambience of this place.

Hot Food, Cool Art, Funky Interiors

“Hot Food, Cool Art, Funky Interiors” says Steak of the Art.  From what I can see, this restaurant surely does live up to its name.

Steak of the Art has three branches located in Bristol, Cardiff and Southampton.  Each branch has their own unique artistic style.  A lot of thought has been put into this concept it’s amazing.

I don’t really know that much about it’s owner and founder Steve Bowen, except that he has very good taste. I wonder if he’s an artist, or maybe an art collector? Whoever did the interiors, I love…love…love it!

The next time I’m in Bristol, I’ll be back here again.  I highly recommend Steak of the Art as a restaurant to visit.


Steak of the Art is located in a beautiful location in the heart of the Harbourside.