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The Remote Stylist Spotted Annette Taylor-Anderson

“UK graphic design artist Annette Taylor-Anderson caught our eye.  Equipped with a camera, she photographs everything – really not that hard with the average-day London hustle!  The cool part is that she manipulates her photos into abstract surface designs (if only we weren’t so lazy).  While right now she mainly works with textile prints for the wall, she hopes to one day expand her line to include carpets and rugs.  If the idea of one of these patterns all over your walls is a little bit too overwhelming for you, you can still get a pop of colour by purchasing a wall hanging.  Either way, if you’re looking for cool prints to bring a bit of drama into your space, her line is the right way to go!

Yes, distinct and funky the patterns are, but when they show up on wallpaper, cushions, lampshades, even ceramic tile it’s a sight to be seen.  Word is, she’s now into both hand-drawing and a furniture line. We’ll check back often, promise!” (….writes The Remote Stylist)

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