Project details:

Project designer: ATADesigns
Client: Tatar Art Projects for the Lexington Hotel

Project description:

Tatar Art Projects sets a Jazzy Art Deco Theme

Tatar Art Projects features Walter’s Jazz Lounge Art Deco Mural by ATADesigns at the Lexington Hotel, New York

We were first approached by Tatar Art Projects, Toronto early this year (2015) who were working on a hospitality project in NYC that required an Art Deco/Jazz Era imagery to be featured in the Mixing Room (lounge) at the Lexington Hotel, New York.

Tatar Art Projects was interested in Walter’s Jazz Lounge Art Deco Mural for this project.

Amy Pouliot (Director of Projects at Tatar Art Projects) said….

We really love your designs and believe that your work would be very well suited for the desired aesthetic of the property.

Of course we immediately said “yes” we’re interested.

Tatar Art Projects are an international art consulting firm based in Toronto. Specializing in managing complex projects varying in scale, their expertise extends from large installations to sourcing unique and diverse solutions for their retail, hospitality, public art and corporate clients.

We are very happy to share with you the finished project.  The mural is featured as the focal point of the room and it looks fantastic!  We love the interior styling of the lounge, the concept is stylish and sophisticated, it works really well.

Thank you for including our design in your project.  It was lovely working with you.  We look forward to working with you again in the future.

by Annette Taylor-Anderson (ATADesigns)

Walter’s Jazz Lounge mural is part of our Art Deco with a Modern Twist wallpapers and murals  collection.

The mural was adapted and resized to fit the required space.

Mural size:  2146cm(W) x 235cm(H)

Photo Courtesy of Tatar Art Projects, Toronto

Rendering image Courtesy of Tatar Art Projects, Toronto

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