Project details:

Project designer: ATADesigns
Client: Mural Proposal for The Greyhound Pub, Sydenham, London

Project description:

“Past-Times” Mural Proposal

“This was a great challenge for me, pushing my own personal boundaries.  Competition to design the artwork was organised by the Sydenham Arts Festival Visual Arts Team in association with the Sydenham Society.  The design brief was to capture the essence of Sydenham.”


 As a wallpaper designer, I love the idea of this challenging project, to design a historic wall feature, for the exterior rear wall of the newly refurbished “The Greyhound Pub”. Capturing the essence of Sydenham and to be enjoyed by the public, not just for a short moment in time, but, for many years to come.

Sydenham, a small urban community with lots of history attached to it, has been a great contribution to my inspiration for these designs.  Through some research, and capturing of photographs and drawings, I would like to introduce you to two murals called “Past Times”.   Both are very different in style, but the subject matter remains the same.

My work consists of a montage of patterns and carefully layered re-drawn images from photographs, designed on a repeat brick wall patterned background to create a strong design image. I have introduced deep brown aged rustic tones as a colour palette for my first design.  My second design consists of varying soft and strong blue colour tones as my main colour palette.    Each mural design has its own personality, and features Sydenham’s own iconic buildings such as The Greyhound Pub, St Bartholomew’s church with its medieval clock that features heavily in the designs suggesting a sense of time.  The Kirkdale and its magnificent white dome and art deco influences, the local library and modern street-signs where past and present meet together.

Before deciding on which images I wanted to use, or what I wanted to design, I had to asked myself “what helps to make-up a community and its surrounding area?” and it is with this idea in mind, I was able to do what I do best, and that is to create a design that captures the essence of Sydenham.

Annette Taylor-Anderson

  • The winning design to be printed on tiles.


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