Project details:

Project designer: ATADesigns
Client: Residential Client, London

Project description:

Hand-Painted Garden Mural design for London-Based Residential Project

Featuring “Forage” Mural Design by ATADesigns

Designing this mural was a fantastic opportunity to use my hand painting skills.  I have already created one hand-painted garden mural design, so this is my second and I love it! and I would like to do many more.

My meeting with the London-based client went well.  He was particularly interested in plants, flowers, and foraging to complement his garden.  We explored many different ideas so I was able to go away and come up some of my own ideas based on our discussion and what he liked.  After a couple of initial meetings, and research, I was able to put together a few designs that I thought would complement the wall nicely.  Once a design was chosen and finalised, I could start the work.

Working on an exterior project like this, you are certainly at the mercy of all weathers. So whenever it rained, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to work on the project, and it did slow-up the project a little, but then that’s the English weather for you.

I eventually finished the design.  My client and I both stood back and looked at the wall and said “WOW”!  My client’s very happy with his new wall.

This hand-painted garden mural design is called “Forage”, it gives the garden a completely new fresh look and feel.

Essential Tools used for Project

  1. Acrylic Paint
  2. Paintbrushes (different sizes)
  3. Montana Gold Acrylic spray paint.  There’s a good variety of colours to choose from.  These paints are also used by Graffiti artists.
  4. Exterior wall primer.  This helps secure the paint to surface.
  5. Polyvine Decorators Varnish.  Note..There’s a variety of finishes, I used “dead flat finish”.  The varnish protects the design from the weather and helps it to last longer on the wall.
  6. Covering to protect the floor.

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