Project details:

Project designer: ATADesigns
Client: Shilou for Metrodeco

Project description:

Metrodeco Tea Salon, Brighton meets High Society Art Deco Mural

Metrodeco features new Art Deco Mural – High Society Design by ATADesigns at their Tea Room

This is one of our favourite projects to date from our partner Shilou who introduced us to Metrodeco.

We are honored that our High Society Art Deco mural design is part of Metrodeco‘s art deco decor.   A main feature at this fabulous popular tea room in Brighton.

Metrodeco are a tea room that sells their own blends of tea and also serves wine, cocktails, fabulous gins & beer.  Also, cakes and other delicious gourmet foods.  They also host a mix of events from Jazz music to burlesque performance and much more.

Metrodeco is a storm of 1930s glamour, in a vintage teacup…says MD

When speaking to Helen Taggart (Owner) about the mural, we were chuffed to learn that one of her reasons for choosing the mural is because of the New York’s Chrysler building.  Did you know that one of MD’s black teas teas is called Chrysler Breakfast?  How cool is that!

High Society mural is from the Art Deco Wallpaper and Art Deco Murals collection,  Art Deco with a Modern Twist.

High Society mural has been redesigned to fit this project.

Photo’s by Helen Taggart (Owner of Metrodeco)

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