Project details:

Project designer: ATADesigns
Client: Residential Project

Project description:

Cricket Wallpaper Design:  Let’s Play Cricket Wallpaper by ATADesigns – Residential Project

If you are an avid cricket fan or player like my client, then you’ll love what they’ve done to their downstairs toilet featuring our Let’s Play Cricket Wallpaper.

Hot off the press….we’ve just received pictures of the finished project, and I must say that I love it.  It may not be the biggest room in the house, but it certainly works. My client thought it would be fun to have our cricket wallpaper on their wall, and they couldn’t wait to install it.  Now that it’s up they said

The wallpaper is great thank you! We’re delighted with it.

We are delighted too that our client is pleased with the wallpaper.

There are lots of things you can do with small rooms like this, and wallpapering them with a great design can certainly make the room look interesting and very special.

If you are interested in our Let’s Play Cricket wallpaper or any of our other wallpaper designs, please feel free to contact us.

Photos taken by client

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