Project details:

Project designer: ATADesigns and Adrienne Chinn
Client: Urban London Collaboration Project

Project description:

ATADesigns and Adrienne Chinn Collaboration Murals wins Design et al Award for best wallpaper

Inspired by London’s unique and wonderful surroundings “Made in Britain”  and “Industrial Landscape” murals are part of the new Urban London Collection launching this year, which also includes our repeat wallpaper range.  These stunning murals are designed to add the wow factor to any wall space or corporate area.  We wanted to create an exciting graphic design mural with a modern twist to bring walls to life.  We feel we have achieved this through our new collections.  This mural is carefully made up of selected photographed images of London.  Depicting the familiar, and highlighting those unnoticed sites we tune out and take for granted in our bustling city lives.

  • Made In Britain mural size:  260cm(h) x 208cm(w)
  • Industrial Landscape mural size:  260cm(h) x 208cm(w)


ATADesigns and Adrienne Chinn Winners of the prestigious International Design & Architecture Awards by Design et al

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