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Off the Wall

idFX features Award-winning “Made in Britain” collaboration mural by Annette Taylor-Anderson and Adrienne Chinn.

Clever designers Annette Taylor-Anderson and Adrienne Chinn have come together to launch their first digitally printed wallpaper designs under the Urban London brand.  Taylor-Anderson is known for her strikingly graphic surface designs, Chinn for her Interiors, and their collaboration has produced a strikingly graphic range of wallpapers and murals with a distinctly gritty appeal.

“A lot of my work is graphic.  My clients don’t just see wallpaper as decoration but as a statement that reinvent a room, bringing a focal point to a bedroom, living room or large corporate space,” says Taylor-Anderson, who founded her company, ATADesigns, in 2006.  As well as Urban London, Taylor-Anderson is also launching a range of art-deco-inspired murals featuring her individual colour palette.


idFX Magazine Sept Issue – Published 2011


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