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Elisa Interiors – New Murals in Studio Space

Our murals looks fantastic at the home of Elisa Interiors studio space in Harrogate.

Its always inspiring working with you Elisa.  I look forward to our next adventure.


Available from our website

Kews Leafy Floral Wall-Covering & Murals are from the “All Things British 3” collection and are available in other colour-ways.

Ladies of Fleur Wall-Covering & Murals are from “The Italian Infusion” collection and are available in other colour-ways

Technical Information:

These murals were made bespoke to fit the wall size.

Murals:  Printed on 10-metre roll wallpaper, installed in sections.

Kews Leafy Floral mural by ATADesigns: 235cm(H) x 260cm(W)

Ladies of Fleur Collaboration mural by ATADesigns and Elisa Interiors: 

235(H) x 208cm (W)


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