Project details:

Project designer: ATADesigns
Client: Marc Parquin

Project description:

Design and Design Book of the Year features “Maptile” ceramic wall tile by ATADesigns.

About the book

768 pages of pure inspirational designs from graphic to product and packaging design. Marcus Praquin brings together works by designers from more than 150 countries into one book.

“I realise that it is much easier for us designers to create things than to make a name for ourselves. So I decided to offer our community a simple yet powerful tool, completely free of charge to free us from the monopoly of mainstream media, and at long last, let us speak for ourselves. The Design and Design Project starts here…..”by Marcus Praquin

  • Title: Design and Design Book of the Year (Volume One)
  • By: Marcus Praquin
  • Publisher: Index Book – Year: 2009
  • Features: Hardcover with transparent dust jacket
  • ISBN: 978-84-96309-80-7

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