Project details:

Project designer: ATADesigns
Client: Private - Residential

Project description:

Bicycles Wallpaper Design

Bicycles Wallpaper Design by ATADesigns for Residential Project, Sweden

We just love the way bike enthusiasts Peter and Caroline Mork have installed our bicycles wallpaper design in a room dedicated for their bikes.  What a fantastic idea!  They’ve created a feature wall using our wallpaper, so you can imagine how pleased and excited we were to see the final pictures.

Thank you for working with us and for spending the time to take these wonderful pictures.  I can see that you are very passionate about what you do. We love it!

Annette Taylor-Anderson (ATADesigns)

Our bicycles wallpaper design are part of the Sport Wallpaper range, and is available in other colour-ways.  Please visit Sport Wallpaper

Photo by Peter Mork

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