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In The Window now feature ATADesigns wallpapers and murals

ATADesigns Wallpapers and Murals looks great on this platform

I came across “In The Window” last year.  I approached Anna Sjöström Walton (Community Lead) to find out more about what they do.  This is what In the Window says:

Founded on the belief that the stories of great design need to be told, In The Window™ is a social experience around the stories of inspiring objects and spaces.

Through immersive storytelling and curation, In The Window enables designers, makers, architects, and brands to deeply engage a global community of design enthusiasts and professionals. In The Window’s community can discover, experience, and meaningfully interact with the content via curation, sharing, and conversations.   Written by In the Window

Why not do what In The Window says and….

Step In The Window to discover inspiring design stories and collections.

We’re pleased and excited to be part of this inspiring design community, it’s a great platform for designers, makers etc.

I’d say it’s a good step in the right direction!

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