Last yeaThe_Planr we exhibited at the brand new Independent Hotel Show, Olympia, London, which is where I first met Paul Rinkens of Qbic Hotels along with many others who visited the show.

Earlier this year Paul approached me about an exciting project he’s working on to develop and build their first Qbic Hotels here in East London.  I must admit, I didn’t really know anything about Qbic Hotels at first except that they’re based in Holland, so when Paul presented this project to me, I was immediately drawn to the concept of this new kind of urban hotel, situated near East London’s trendy area, around Brick Lane, and it’s right on my doorstep, being a Londoner.

I was briefed on the of the type of wall mural design Qbic Hotels would like installed.  This inspired me to create something edgy, urban and gritty to echo the East End area.  After a couple of meetings, and a visit to the Qbic Hotel site which I found very interesting, I was impressed with the idea of how each room is planned, from the decor, furniture and lighting, to finally seeing the wall I’m commissioned to work on which helped me to visualise the design idea in situ.

I see the wall as my canvas brought to life with an amazing design piece.  I’m currently working on a couple of ideas, so all will be revealed very soon….

In the meantime, to whet your appetite, here are some pictures from Qbic Hotels, Amsterdam a taster of what’s in store for East London which will of course have an artistic London influence from those involved in the project.  This urban boutique style trendy hotel is going to look fantastic when its finished. I’m excited to be involved and spreading the word. Pass it on.

Qbic Hotel rooms are totally unique, centered around a Cubi, a cubic state of the art living space… says Qbic Hotels

The London Qbic Hotel will be opening soon in November this year.  For further news on the development of the hotel:

Note:   Hotel pictures by Qbic Hotels

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