London Murals (Southwark) by ATADesigns

Preparing for the Restaurant and Bar Design Show – 25-26 Sept – Excel – London a brand new event for ATADesigns.  One event hosting seven amazing shows…WOW!

We’re so excited by the new mural designs we will feature at the show, inspired by London’s ever changing Southwark area.  We we’ll also feature new fabrics, but all will be revealed in another blog.

Inspirations and Texture

Although I have created London inspired wall-coverings and mural designs before.  This time the focus is on buildings.  Starting with Southwark, Southwark St, right up to Tower Bridge etc.  The aim of this project is to explore and work with companies involved in renovation projects.  To create murals from each city around the country.  Such as Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh etc.  Maybe even extending to other countries, the idea is endless.

Originally, I had set myself this project creating ATADesigns’ own collection a couple of years ago.  But hadn’t developed it as I wanted to.  Now, I’m ready and I would like to continue with a new approach, new ideas, and a new design style, developed through research.  There are so many exciting areas in London to discover.  So more designs will be added as we go along.

About the designs

Right now,  the collection is small.   There are six dramatic mural designs and one repeat wallpaper.  Featuring a mix of rich dark tones of dusky greys, deep browns, reds and other vintage colours.  With rays of lighter colours thrown against the dark tones of the design.  An eclectic mix of photos, layers of texture and drawings are incorporated into each mural design. Creating a painterly style, deep in texture and colour.  Seeing the murals at full scale, you will be able to discover the creative elements that help create the murals.  What I love about this project, is that you don’t always know what you are going to achieve.  Its an ongoing and organic process of discovery and delight.

London Murals, Close-up to see the texture in the design.

We like to create drama.  So these designs will look stunning on any wall, and perfect for any architectural project, ie. for the home, hospitality, or corporate space.   I’m visualising the likes of hotels, bars and restaurants. The Restaurant and Bar Design Show is  a perfect platform for ATADesigns to launch the new murals and a cushion or two at the show.

Printing on Vinyl Wall-Covering by Redcow Printing

Thank you Gareth Wyn-Jones (Redcow Printing) for printing these, you did a great job, and the quality if fantastic, I can’t wait to feature these at the show.

Do you have a project in mind that you would like to work with us on?  

If you like what we are doing, we are more than happy to work with you to create a design from your city, street or area etc.  All our existing designs are customisable in size and colour-way.

To discover more about London murals by ATADesigns, visit:

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show – 25-26 September – Excel – London

ATADesign Stand:  3386

You will be amazed at what you will discover and I can’t wait to show you.