Matt JOnes of Lunartik Creates Dr Who Vinyl Figures for Titan Merchandise


50 years of The Doctor, “Who’d” have thought it.  I’m a great fan of Dr Who and it was really exciting to see so many people celebrating his existence over the weekend.  And the celebration goes on…

At the weekend I woke-up to lots of tweets from Matt JOnes of Lunartik introducing his brand new range of Dr Who limited edition vinyl figures that he’d designed for Titan Merchandise, and I love them all.  They’re fantastic collectors items, and yes, individually numbered.  I’m amazed at how well each of the vinyl figures capture the likeness of each of the doctor’s regenerations, he has really captured their essence to the Tee… spot on.

I’ve worked with Matt in the past on one of his series Art Passes (limited edition Oyster pass holders), and I’m proud to be associated with such a talented artist.  Matt is also known for his Mini-Tee series vinyl figures and much more.

These special edition Dr Who Vinyl Figures are available from Lunartik online shop

Tell me, which one’s your favourite because I can’t choose?

… and perhaps while you’re mulling it over. “Would you like a Jellybaby ?”


written by Annette Taylor-Anderson (ATADesigns)