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We are delighted to feature Logojoy as a guest post on our website.   A brand new company that allows you to create your own professional logos, only launched in November 2016, and is growing from strength-to-strength.  This Toronto based company has already been featured in TechCrunch, Lifehacker, Creative Review, and more.

Here’s what Logojoy has to say about itself…

What is Logojoy?
We’re a tech start-up from Toronto that uses AI to provide personalized design services. We’re revolutionizing the way small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs approach their graphic design visions and challenges by guiding them through the development of their logos.

How does it work?
Just log into our platform, answer a few questions, select example logos as inspiration and our advanced AI will automatically generate logos based on your taste. You can then refine your preferences until you get the perfect logo. Easy.

“The magic of Logojoy is the groundbreaking algorithm, user-friendly interface, and premium design ingredients. Logojoy has almost 1000 design rules built into its algorithm. For example, one of our many rules is ‘Thin fonts need to be a darker colour or they’ll be difficult to read.’ We also have ten times more premium font and graphic selections than our competitors.” – Our founder Dawson Whitfield.

Our packages range from $20 to $165, making the design experience affordable as well as personalized. We essentially recreate the process of working with a human graphic designer, but for a fraction of the cost and time. That’s what sets us apart from our competitors.

“I’m not artistic or computer savvy but I created a fabulous logo that my colleagues loved! Super easy to get professional results. Thumbs up!” – Mary T

Why are we needed?
According to a recent report, 72 per cent of new businesses don’t have the funding for graphic design services so that’s where we come in. We’re the creative solution for startups, getting them off the ground by giving them professional and attractive logos at affordable prices. In fact, we’ve generated two million logos and 800,000 users since launching in November 2016 and our future has far bigger things in store.

So what is Logojoy?
We’re a company on a mission to bring great design to small businesses at a cost they can get excited about.

To create your own logo, go to