Independent Hotel Show 2015 - ATADesigns features new All Things British Wall Coverings and Murals

Independent Hotel Show 2015 –

New All Things British 2 Wall Coverings & Murals by ATADesigns.

Also Introducing new collaboration designs with ATADesigns & Arka Chergui

We are exhibiting at the Independent Hotel Show 20-21st October 2015 at Olympia West.  We are glad to say that this is our 3rd time exhibiting at this prestigious show.

Come and see our new Wall Coverings and Murals collection, “All Things British 2”.  If you enjoyed our 1st collection launched 2 years ago, then I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised with our 2nd collection.  We are also introducing new collaboration wall coverings (“Dog ‘n’ Watch“) with Arka Chergui, a very talented self-taught illustrator artist.  When I first saw Arka’s illustrations, I couldn’t wait to work with him, his work is amazing with so much detail.  This is just the start of us working together on a couple of designs within the collection.   The ‘Dog ‘n’ Watch” wall covering features Arka’s illustration called “MuzzleToff” which is also available as an art print with “No Messin da Hound

So how would I describe “All Things British 2”?  It’s opulent and rich, with lots of strong dark tones and layers, inspired by my visits to London’s Regent’s Park.  With the welcome return of the bowler hat and pin stripe elements.  There’s always a bowler hat or two among the collection.  In the meantime, look out for “All Things British 3” in a couple of years’ time.

Visit our stand No.9

Independent Hotel Show 20-21st Oct 2015

Olympia West, London

Registration is now open, and it’s free.  Register to Attend

MuzzleToff Illustration by Arka Chergui

MuzzleToff Illustration by Arka Chergui available on our online store

No Messin da Hound Illustration by Arka Chergui

No Messin da Hound Illustration by Arka Chergui available on our online store