Gabi Ignasi blowing glass

Handmade Blown Glass – Gabi Ignasi


Handmade blown glass is certainly a unique and interesting skill.  I’d love to see how its done one day.

I first met Geni Ignasi at my local coffee shop.   I go there often after work to relax, catch-up on my day-to-day diary, and I spend time drawing in my sketchbook…bliss.  Geni and I talk about many things including work, art and our adventures.  I was amazed to  discover that Geni and her husband Gabi run a handmade glass business, making bespoke pieces for interiors.  All I can say is that their work is amazing, so I’d like to share it with  you.

Gabi Ignasi blowing glass

The Chandelier

A bespoke project for a private customer in Mallorca.  Hand-made by Gabi and his father, Pere Ignasi, a well-known glass artist in the Mallorca community.  A lot of work and thought has been put into this beautiful piece, its organic with lots of movement and I can’t even imagine how this has been put together.  This Chandelier would look fantastic in a commercial space, shop, restaurant, hotel, etc. Put it anywhere and it would look great!


If a client is interested in a chandelier or some kind of illumination, Gabi would meet with the client to discuss his/her requirements whilst recording and taking measurements of the space.  He would then visit the client again with designs, and if all goes well, he’ll make the product and install it.

Chandelier by Gabi Ignasis

Stars – Wall Sculpture

These wonderful pieces of glass wall sculptures are a must have.  I love the colours and the fact that you can make up random patterns with these wall sculptures.   Stars wall sculpture are available at Mine Creative Space and Gallery in Carlshalton.

Star Wall sculpure by Gabi Ignasi

Star Wall sculpture by Gabi Ignasi

Star Wall sculpture by Gabi Ignasi


Rain Upside Down

Rain Upside Down – decorative table pieces inspired by London and its rain.  Its smooth body shape certainly does remind me rain drops.

Rain Upside Down pieces are available at Deborah Beaumont Interiors, Wimbledon Village

Rain upside down by Gabi Ignasi

Rain upside down by Gabi Ignasi

At Deborah Beaumont Interiors, Wimbledon.


Now I’m not a fan of spiders, but I’m a fan of these.   Spider is designed to sit on the table, floor or hung on the wall as wall sculptures.  How cool is that?  Other colours and shapes are also available.

Size:  24 x 21 x 25cm

Spider design by Gabi Ignasi

Spider design by Gabi Ignasi


It was lovely to learn about Geni and Gabi’s business and talents, and I can’t wait to see what they are going to do next.  To see more of their work visit:  Hand Made Blown Glass – Gabi Ignasi