Photo:  “And I was saying” mural design by Annette Taylor-Anderson (ATADesigns)

Hand-Painted Mural Design:  “And I Was Saying…”

This mural would make a fab interior or exterior feature wall for a coffee shop, bar or restaurant 

I love the title of this hand-painted mural design “And I was saying….”  It’s just the typical thing I would say in conversation with friends, I don’t know why?  But, it makes me chuckle all the time.

I started hand-painting mural designs two years ago.  My first project was in my very own garden, a personal project I’d set myself.  Last year, I was commissioned to design a garden mural (“forage“) for a private client in London.  It was a challenge, but I loved every minute of designing it.  Recently, I’d set myself another project, and this time a mural for my living room. The mural is called “And I was saying…” At first, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do?  Then suddenly there it was, my sketchbooks full of various scenes featuring the coffee shop culture.

  •  I’d started sketching on the blank wall (I see as my canvas) using a pencil or pen.   As you can see, I never rub anything out, I love leaving mistakes in a drawing.



  • Then I painted over the sketch with black acrylic paint.  Again, I’m not worried about any mistakes, the drip marks makes the drawing more interesting.



  • Working out the colours was fun, especially as my living room is full of many different colours.  Nothing really matches as such, but it still looks good, it’s an artist room, I like that!
  • So the colours I’ve chosen are bright and bold, reds, blues, black and white etc…  The colours work well with the sofa and cushions.



  • I hand-painted the mural using acrylic paint, oh! and I had to be careful not to drip any paint on the carpet.  And…Voila!



  • I’ve unleashed my fine art background again and it feels good.
  • My sketchbooks are full of drawings ready to be turned into murals like this.  They’d make fantastic feature walls in bars, coffee shops, restaurants and public areas.  I’m no Banksy, but I do like to paint on large wall areas.




Hand-painted mural design by Annette_Taylor-Anderson of ATADesigns

Photo:  A selfie, yes it’s me Annette and you can now see the scale of the painting


Tools used:

  • Pencil or pen for sketching design on the wall freestyle
  • System 3 Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrushes – various sizes


Our brand new service:  Hand-painted murals for interior/exterior wall projects

Hand-painted murals is a new service we are offering, in addition to our existing printed wall coverings and murals service.  If you’re working on a particular project, and you would like to see what we can do?  Why not give us a call, or drop us an email to discuss your requirements.

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