Well, Friday 16th September was truly a night to remember at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hyde Park. Collaboration murals by ATADesigns and Adrienne Chinn Design won The International Design and Architecture Award 2011 for best wallpaper design. A lovely evening hosted by Design et al magazine.

The event was well attended by some of industry’s top design companies, so it was an honour to be among this crowd, I’m still buzzing with excitement.

During the evening I was in great company and I would like to say hello to: Dextene McIntosh of Komfortzone, Tom Phillips and Tim Newsome of Increation, Paula Sousa of Munna Design, Miles Hartwell of Splinter Works, Alan West and Callum Graham of Trombe, and Jenny Skeate and Olivia Mudie of Bespoke.

I would like to thank Design et al for a wonderful evening, also Adrienne Chinn a great interior designer for the fruits of our collaboration, and for everyone who voted for us. I collected the award on both our behalf, we make a great team! Look out for children’s wallpaper in the pipeline.

The collaboration murals are part of the Urban London collection project by Adrienne Chinn and ATADesigns, available to purchase from our online shop.

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Industrial Landscape Winning Mural

Made In Britain Winning Mural