Bohemian style mural design by ATADesigns

HOT OFF THE PRESS..LITERALLY!…Woooow!…I have just received these pictures from interior designer Elisa Fanella (Elisa Interiors), and all I can say is WOW!

I have been working with Elisa on this residential project for a couple of months now, and to see the finished murals installed in their space, I must say, they look amazing.  Medieval bohemian is the way I would describe these murals in this modern setting, I’m thinking gypsies, musketeers, cavalier style.

The Brief

The brief was straightforward, Elisa’s clients wanted something dark for the dining room.  Both Elisa and her client looked at several designs in my collection, and proposed several ideas.  I made mock-ups of the dining room incorporating mural design ideas for the client to visualise what the murals would look like in place.  I find that this helps clients when deciding on a mural.

The first Wall -Featuring General Bulldog Mural Design

Once decided, the real work begins.  From my collection they fell in love with the “General Bulldog” mural design. A collaboration design between ATADesigns and Arka Chergui, a fantastic illustrator who created the Bulldog.

The original mural design is half the wall size, so I had to work on the design making it wider to fit the wall space.  I also adjusted the colour tones to much darker colours, as instructed by the client.  I created several design options for the client to choose from.

The Second Wall – Featuring A Complimentary Design

For the second wall, I had to create a completely new design to compliment the General Bulldog mural.  So, designed a mural with swinging watches, still keeping the dark tones and colour-way, so that the mural appears continuous.

The Reaction

When both murals were finished, I’d sent PDF copies over to Elisa who immediately loved the designs.  Elisa’s job now was to send the mural ideas to her client, and then relay their thoughts back to me.

Elisa’s clients loved the concept.  There were a couple of further tweaks and approvals before printing.

What I like about working with Elisa is that she is really not afraid of using colour.  The colour scheme of the room works really well with the murals. That pink is so daring, but it works.

When the murals were installed, Elisa says

Both husband and wife were absolutely in love with it.
They thought is was ‘amazing’ and are over the moon with how the room was transformed.
Also they were delighted with the colour…they would have never chosen pink to go on walls and ceilings …by Elisa Fanella

When the clients are happy, then I’m happy…

Thanks Elisa for the project, you’ve done a great job, as always.



I hear that the client wants another mural before Christmas, this is great news!  I’m looking forward to this.


Technical Details

Murals printed on 10-metre roll wallpaper.  Fitted in sections on the wall

Complimentary mural design:  Mural size: 257cm(H) x 416cm (W)

General Bulldog Mural:  260cm(H) x 468 cm (W)

Interior Designer:  Elisa Interiors