Arka Chergui


His name is Arka Chergui…

He’s an Artist (Illustrator)…

He’s unbelievably talented…

I’ve enjoyed working with him before…


I can’t wait to work with him again on our next collaboration wallpaper design due to launch in October this year.  In fact…we’ve sort of started already!

About Arka’s Illustrations

If you’re rushing to look at Arka’s work, stop there… Arka doesn’t have a website right now, he’s a little bit old school, but he’s working on getting one done.  In the meantime, I have the privilege of seeing his work first hand.  Like me, he carries his sketchbook of hand-drawings wherever he goes.  He’s a natural, he can draw anything. His heart really lies with comic illustration where he has many stories and ideas to illustrate.  I see a lot of potential in Arka’s work.  His illustrations work in any direction and that’s why I choose to work with him.  I love his style, and I think collaborating with his design adds something different and exciting to the wallpaper.  Although, Arka doesn’t have a full collection of wallpaper designs. Working with one or two designs is enough just to get him started in this industry.

All Thing’s British 2 Collaboration

Two years ago, we collaborated and created the “Dog ‘n’ Watch” wallpaper incorporating Arka’s “Muzzletoff” dog drawing into the design, combined with flowers from Regent’s Park for our “All Things British 2” collection.  This wallpaper is now installed in The Albert Square Chophouse’ Thomas Worthington’s iconic Memorial Hall, Built in 1866, a listed building, now a famous dining pub and British restaurant based in the heart of Manchester City.  This wallpaper was adapted and made bespoke to our client’s requirements.

New Collaboration work for “All Things British 3” due to Launch at the Independent Hotel Show, October 2017

Without giving too much away…this new collection will include medals, chains, drums, inspiration from the military uniforms against softer floral patterns inspired by a certain (Shh! not saying yet) park in London, and no it’s not Regent’s park this time.

Arka’s contribution will continue with the dogs theme, to build up the current dog wallpaper collection.  Here’s a taster of two designs by Arka (below).  Works progress to incorporate into the new collection for “All Things British 3” due to launch for the first time at The Independent Hotel show in October.  It’s going to be good and I can’t wait!  These will also be sold as prints on our website.

Mr Fox by Arka Chergui